Demonstration Two:
How to Ask X-Ray Questions

This role play will demonstrate how you can use questions to help someone examine his or her own heart and understand the 7 A’s of a confession – like using a diagnostic X-ray for the soul. First review pages 62 - 63 of the manual. Read the three questions below and watch the role play, taking notes to help you answer the questions. Once you have watched the role play, discuss your answers in the forums that follow.

  1. From your notes, identify a few of the X-ray questions asked in the role play. How long was each of the questions? How might the length of a question impact the conflict coaching process?

  2. In asking X-ray questions, what "tool" is most important for helping people identify the idols of their hearts? (Hint: what did the conflict coach do after each question was asked?)

  3. The conflict coach asked the person the same question more than once, changing the question slightly each time. Why do you think this technique was used and what benefit might it provide?

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