Demonstration One:
How to use the Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet

This role play demonstrates how you can use the Peacemaking Principles pamphlet during conflict coaching. Read the three questions below, then watch the role play, taking notes for use during your discussion. Once you have watched the role play, take a few minutes to answer the three questions then discuss your answers in the following discussion forums.

  1. The conflict coach, while introducing the concepts found on the Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet, gradually shifted from explaining the principles to asking questions about those same principles. Why do you think the conflict coach did this? What benefit might this provide?

  2. Giving illustrations, in addition to explaining a concept, is often more effective in helping others fully understand the concept. How did the coach illustrate, rather than merely explain, the peacemaking principles found on the pamphlet? How are the purposes of illustration different from the purposes of explanation?

  3. How did the coach connect the different concepts found on the Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet? How did the coach transition from one concept to the other?

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